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Are teams still relevant in 2016?

Today’s companies are an entirely new type of beast. Management is embracing digital and automated systems more than ever before. It’s easy to just blend in with the background. The infamous phrase, “teamwork makes the dream work,” has been floating around for some time, however executives are still wondering whether teams are necessary. With the ability to automate the work process on digital platforms, it begs the question if teams are […]

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Science Says: Sleep on the Job

Anyone who likes a bit of a snooze during the day knows the amount of time you spend napping can make you feel like you could rest a little more, or wake up frantic and baffled about what time of day or year it is.

A power nap is an effective way to replenish your senses, even during the middle of a working day. In fact there is a science behind […]

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Gaining Mileage from a Press Release

DEBATE WHETHER YOU NEED ONE – Deciding to send a press release shouldn’t be a light decision. The value of approaching media one-on-one can never be equated with mass mailing a press release. Question the story, its audience, the response you wish to achieve and then decide on a medium. Please DO NOT react with a written document on command by the client and bosses. They appointed you for skills […]

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Love of Words

For the Love of Words: How Literature led me to Advertising.

My heroes are artists and writers, and ever since I can remember I have only ever obsessed over the words and ideas of strangers who were lucky enough to have their work printed in ink and on paper, and lined neatly on the shelves of a grand bookstore.

In my literature classes, as we devoured the words of the greats and […]

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Mobile Marketing – We believe

As we savor the mobile era, and the ever evolving smart phones that have virtually put the world in the palm of every hand, it is only in keeping up with the Techies, that one has a mobile marketing strategy for their brand.

People spend exceedingly high amounts of time on their phone. Take yourself for example, scrolling, Whatsapp-ing, Facebook-ing, Tweeting and the like. You need only to look up to […]

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Creating Brand Love

A brand’s first impression in the market is its logo, and that logo should define the characteristics of a company and what services it offers rather than just representing the aesthetics of the owner.
While some intuitively pick a strong symbol and happen to work their theme around it, the specialists at Commfirm don’t leave such important decisions to chance.

“Creating brand love has more to do then just finalizing a logo,” […]

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