• Communication and Inspiration

Through what we call Brandflow and Markations, we create loved brands and let them sail to success in the market.


It’s not enough to be present, a brand should be memorable. To create a loved brand we’ve coined a technique called Brandflow; a process through which we uncover the hidden DNA of a product, chipping away and discarding anything that isn’t helping its brand value.

The first step of Brandflow is Intelligence, a strategic collection of information through which we construct a timeless brand with room for potential. In step two we highlight certain aspects of the brand and begin to weave a compelling story around it, developing a voice and attitude that resonates with customers. Then comes the artistry, where we pin-point the core identity of a brand, give it a logo, and an overall look and feel. Finally, its show time, the realization phase in which we unveil the brand through various mediums including events, promotions, packaging, advertising, public relations, digital media, and print collaterals, to name a few.


Marrying marketing to communication, Markations is the method of putting together studied inspiration, then letting it sail off into the market and monitoring how it fares.

It begins with thinking strategically, gathering the information needed to move a brand in the right direction. This includes examining the competitive landscape, narrowing down a target market, and pin-pointing the differentiators. With information in tow, we create a marketing plan, mapping out the journey of revealing a brand and engaging customers. Then we implement; actively going through the process of making the right noise. Finally we measure, asking ourselves if we avoided C-sickness, that is, cost, confusion, clutter and carelessness. We analyze our results, facing the good, bad and ugly, draw meaningful conclusions and plan the way forward.

Thus, we plant our method in your brand and grow organically with it. As you can see, we have green fingers.