A brand’s first impression in the market is its logo, and that logo should define the characteristics of a company and what services it offers rather than just representing the aesthetics of the owner.
While some intuitively pick a strong symbol and happen to work their theme around it, the specialists at Commfirm don’t leave such important decisions to chance.

Creating brand love has more to do then just finalizing a logo,” says Tony Saade, Managing Partner and Brand Strategy Director, “we have to uncover the hidden DNA of a product, a company and its offerings by chipping away and discarding anything that isn’t deliberately aiding a brands value”

A brand needs to do more than exist, in the digital age, it needs to interact, and be memorable. It needs to set a tone of voice, a design sense, and an attitude. Strategically branding a service leads to strong advertising, PR, packaging and promos, and yields an endlessly fruitful umbrella to position a business.

Once a brand is created, it should be monitored to see how it fares. Speaking to the experts at Commfirm we learned from Maazen Thabet Managing Partner and PR and Marketing Head: “After putting together studied inspiration in the form of a brand, one needs to examine it within a competitive landscape to ensure we avoid C-Sickness, that is Cost, Confusion, Clutter and Carelessness and grow brands organically.”