For the Love of Words: How Literature led me to Advertising.

My heroes are artists and writers, and ever since I can remember I have only ever obsessed over the words and ideas of strangers who were lucky enough to have their work printed in ink and on paper, and lined neatly on the shelves of a grand bookstore.

In my literature classes, as we devoured the words of the greats and presented our own views, I learnt that language is very seductive and deceiving.

Every written or spoken word carries a force of energy, and lacing them together or using even one, has the power to deeply move a person. Similarly, silence, the lack of word also has an effect.

In those years of experimenting, long hours in the library and in class debating the meaning and style of words, I encountered a beautiful thought. One that emerged from my own being. The thought goes as follows:

That each human being’s world is a construct of their vocabulary. That they are only able to understand the world, through the deceptively few words they know. And that the more words they know, or discover, in different languages and professions, makes them all the more knowledgeable about the world around them. The loss of language, or the ability to communicate can crush one’s life and can be rebuilt only when a new way of understanding emerges.

It doesn’t cease to amaze me how knowing and speaking the right words at the right time yield so much strength. I learnt my ability to sway readers with words when I worked as an editor for a magazine and later for the lifestyle pages of a well circulated newspaper. I understood just how easy it was to change the perception of masses by calling a thing more than it was, or less than it was, just by picking the right word. I shared this learning with a stint in teaching, and eventually, found I was not challenged enough. That’s when I found the copywriter in me.

Advertising is a competitive corporate environment with a casual atmosphere, which requires one to have an innate understanding of how different people want to be spoken to, or how they understand the world, and delivering them the kind of language that would move them into action.

So here I am today, armed with the right attitude, a love for language, a resilience to rejection, and a serene optimism about my abilities, practicing my art to help brands to be heard and dominate.