As we savor the mobile era, and the ever evolving smart phones that have virtually put the world in the palm of every hand, it is only in keeping up with the Techies, that one has a mobile marketing strategy for their brand.

People spend exceedingly high amounts of time on their phone. Take yourself for example, scrolling, Whatsapp-ing, Facebook-ing, Tweeting and the like. You need only to look up to see everyone else looking down in to their personal screens, engrossed in a world that is tailored and advertising to only them. That’s a market of billions, and your brand may be ready to take the next step to get mobile.

Want to get mobile? Here are some Mobile Marketing – We believe best practices:

Clarity: Simplicity is key since we are dealing with a small screen, it is best that one’s ad isn’t cluttering or disrupting mobile functions and are easy to scroll through.

District: Engage only your immediate and optimal market. People only want to know what’s around them, and if your ads fit that market, you’re in speaking to the right people.

Know your Market: Your product has a target market and it is best to reach out to them on specific platforms, just as it is with traditional advertising. You wouldn’t advertise men’s deodorant during a children’s movie, so don’t make the same mistake mobile.

Innovate: The mobile world is open to new and catchy ideas. Don’t be afraid of trying something new. It just might work wonders!

Avoid C-Sickness: Media monitoring is an important way to determine if ones ads are effective. Always ask yourself; if the Cost was worth it, if the advertising was Confusing, if it produced a Clutter of unnecessary over advertisement, and if any mistakes or Carelessness took away from the message.